Mysterious fire dance Festival of Festivals “fire dance” of ethnic Pa Then – Ha Giang

Mysterious fire dance Festival of Festivals “fire dance” of ethnic Pa Then – Ha Giang

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Ethnic Pa Then there are over 5,000 people living mainly concentrated in two districts of Bac Quang, Quang Binh, Ha Giang and Chiem Hoa, Tuyen Quang. Although ethnic minorities, who lived in remote areas and isolated, but they retain the cultural identity of their Ethnic.Come to Tan Bac Commune, Quang Binh District, Ha Giang Province – birthplace life of Pa Then ethnic people and workplace should cradle for unique fire dance festival first or second place, you will be overwhelmed by a beautiful break and how the people here carry out ritual nature center This extremely unique spirit …

nhảy lưa4

(special dance festival of the Pa Then fire in Ha Giang)

nhảy lửa2

Usually held in the winter when the weather is most severe, the fire dance festival in Ha Giang Pa Then people will take place in the hope of the power of fire to repel danger, evil spirits, to catch a disease The good new year is about to be held annually den.thuong time of transition in the former and the new year, on the occasion of the harvest around October or November to the fifteenth day of January. According to their opinion, celebrated the fire jumps the moment to give thanks to heaven and earth, gods gave a lush crop and also wished for the following crop year, the fire gives warmth, good luck ward off the rigors of winter is coming. This is a unique festival with bold mysterious, unspoiled by ethnic Pa Then still preserved to this day.


(Ha Giang: fire dancing festival of Pa Then for good luck)

Previously, fire dance festival takes place in the kitchen of every family, but later on, the festival is done outdoors to people all the same fun. The previous night, the shaman must make a tray invite the gods, the soil, the earth spirits, reporting reason, the demand for healthy, chase off evil spirits, evil gas, the expiry and wishes to the people the new year good luck and happiness.

After the villagers and relatives shaman beautiful choice date, they will conduct the ceremony, usually, before jumping fire about four hours shaman with all the people in the focus back where the ritual surgery preparation prior to sacrificing chickens.


(the first step is to prepare chicken harvesting rituals)


(Sorcerer incense ancestor permission to opening)


(after preparing the offerings on the table These sacrifices, sorcerer will sit on the bench and knocked two iron objects together to create sound)

The next night, fire dance festival will take place. Feast offerings include 1 cup of rice to live, 5 cups of wine, 1 bottle of wine, paper straw Pa Then ethnic, color foil 1; 1 chicken, bouquet of flavor (per fuel rods 2-5). Nearly a dozen healthy young men (soldiers) sitting opposite spirit shaman to enter. When the fire is heading up, charred red, under orders of the shaman, dance infantry troops would fire on barefoot workers and dance on hot coals wedding shoes. If someone must have a weak heart will startle and forth when the ball indigo jacket flung into glowing coals …


(bonfire is blazing forest fire up an area in preparation for the warriors jump in)


(When the shaman and the other village boys during the ceremony, the girls dance performances entertain)

Fire dancing ceremony is held on a spacious courtyard, right now, preparing shaman ceremonies and rituals begin, applying ancestral spirits for permission to organize the villagers danced fire game.the shaman sitting on a couch, holding a stick knocked over onto the instrument, a popular ritual instrument of the Pa Then. the shaman must abstain not jump into the fire that is only allowed to transfer know-how to play games and dance plywood.

See oracles ceremony

When night falls on the cliffs of the plateau was when people gather together on more crowded in front of a large yard of copies. Earlier the fire had been prepared before the game and blazing. The sorcerer incense opening ceremony.

When typing in the herd oracles and sacrifice, each youth will sit opposite the oracles. That’s when “entering contracts” for the fire dance. Then he jumped into the fire without burning sensation or fear. Each fire dance often within 3-4 minutes, then continue to celebrate “imported together”. A person can join dance several times, which represents strength, ingenuity, and his agility.


(Sorcerer called on soldiers jumped imported fire god)


(While worships, the fire jumped prepare young people very strong shaking)

Sitting at one end of the couch and low, hands held high, hands holding either end about the 1m long wooden bar, the middle of each timber is a sharp nail and a metal wire connecting the two top slats. The sorcerer lowered manually close down. Nails sank into the couch, dividing it into two halves: one-half for the shaman, the other half for people to jump into the fire. Murmur as to when small emitted evenly from the shaman’s mouth simultaneously with language “Fishy, fishy, fishy” from bamboo sticks carefully Cathedral was he knocked on the metal bar one hand, constitute second page layout heavy rhythm sounds like urge, so continuously for a period of 5 to 7 hours with divine meaning permission for the Pa Then have extraordinary strength to jump into the fire. This ritual meant that witchdoctors were reported ancestry in the fun of this game, then go find water fire god to ask for permission. If two gods agree to work together, you can jump into the fire. If god does not agree, he must go invite again.


(Sorcerer called on soldiers jumped imported fire god)


(Those who are not on fire while jumping worships shake very strong person)

A large bonfire was lit in the large yard and began to feast witchdoctors. In the first 30 to 40 minutes, the shaman would sit on the couch, perform ritual songs with content paves the way to heaven to find “ghost” and called on the participants to enter the fire dance. When oracles plywood and sacrifice, each young man would sit opposite a teacher, and that’s when entering contracts for the fire dance.
The young man gradually gathers around shaman, their faces turned toward the fire, full of excitement. Each time a large fire, the shaman’s voice urgently, hustle, the word “fishy fishy fishy” speeding, urging.


(Be prepared before you step into the fire)

Mr,Phung Lao Ta, 50 years old (one who has more than 10 times the fire dance) said: When entered the ghost dance would not feel warm and jump very drunk. If the drug does not import will not be able to dance.

Then- Night fire dance Pa mystical and vibrant


(After the ceremony, the young man jumped on with both feet and dashed into the middle of forest fires blazing fire without being burned)

Now knock the shaman will become a rush and faster than before, the youth around him to turn away sitting on the couch, in the split second of them began to shake, bent down and turned both jumped continuously, at the same time, the other young men running around the yard, sometimes jumping into the fire embers caught up member into his mouth and also eat charcoal prepared to jump into the pile of coal.


(The Children of Fire Spirit and mysterious ancient ritual of Pa Then people)

Mr.Van Trung Con, Tan Lap Commune, Bac Quang, Ha Giang, black skin unnecessarily after drawing into the fun shared: “Truth is not burning and not burning, while the indefatigable dance where coal eats nor hot, hour see hot people sweat because dancing was getting too ”

“fishy fishy fishy” steady knock of bamboo in his hand each time a shaman inspire, swaying movements of the boys become stronger. They started to pop up, bend and carry out hopping near the fire. A certain energy lift up the young man jumped with both feet into the midst of the fire and burning fire.


(being “imported copper” They did not even feel hot)

“When the body was quivering, the power source has to abundant, muscular, the legs as was told, was towed to the coals” Mr.Tan Van Than, Tan Lap Commune, Bac Quang, Ha Giang share after minutes sublimated ecstasy.

Every twenty minutes there is a round dance, fire dance as lively as you make progress. Gradually, not only the direct youth participation permission ceremony, where even the audience cheers around joined in.


(According to the belief of the Pa Then, strength of spirit to shield and protect them from being burned)

People would become more and much deeper in the fire, they will initially be hopping around on the sand, will gradually hand dig into the fire then jumped in completely together coals of fire that shot around as much as you climb, the better, so jumping in a rhythm of shaman known. Sometimes there are also many people in the fire would then jump out.


(Dancing with fire, and clouds of coal mix brilliant red is what this guy is doing)

The boys who are in the Pa Then as coma, they danced with their bare feet in the fire without burning sensation or fear. Without any items to underwear for the boys legs ay.There is only the thick skin after several days of walking, traveling where the steep, deep streams of contemporary thousand only.


(It can be said, but also bring spiritual color, creed mystery but fire festival traditional dance of Pa Then people are a cultural treasure very unique)

While youth dancing flames, oracles continued to celebrate with music and mysterious evenly with vows murmured. Pa Then ethnic say, time to jump on their train, depending on the divine power is bestowed. When all the power, they themselves being pushed out of the fire, returned to sit in ceremony and music swaying back and wait for spirit strengthens new dance session.


(When the power, they themselves being pushed out of the fire, returned to sit in ceremony and music swaying back and wait spirit strengthens new round of jumps)

nhảy lưa1

(and until the fire has been disabled)

In entertainment, the fire was not brutal, the guy’s legs Pa Then not even intermission. But when fire wreaked, coal has cooled, many of them still want to jump into the crowd was tiny charcoal fire.

Fire dance festival is not only a chance for the boys to show their strength and courage, but also a unique cultural activity carries very primitive identity, a mystery of Pa Then ethnic.But how do the boys danced barefoot on fire without being burned, hair, clothes and nothing happens? The mystery is still the concern of the scientific research and culture. When the fire was disabled, coal has cooled, worships and practical collection of divine forces and the ghost of the old place. Both the teacher and the participants returned fire jumping normal state.A game ended, bring laughter and excitement for the Pa Then.


(no burns at all but traces of coal only begrime stick on people they only)

nhaylua xỏngataykobijsao

(hand okay …)


(and both feet, too)

Pa Then people around their conception have the protective deities, help them overcome dangers to survival and livelihood, including the supreme deity is the god of fire and fire bring luck and prosperity to them so after a fire dance festival going on, everyone in the was present to cheer, cheer.

nhaylua nguoidanthamgia.PNG1

(people come to cheer enthusiastically joined)

nhaylua nguoidanthamgia

(they also wanted to test myself)


The strange thing is the army not burned and the fire jumps the jump into the fire is no longer know or remember anything anymore !!! Women can join the fire dance. But prior to raising white chickens, 7 years brings festival worships the fire could dance. So far only men participate.

Pa Then people believe that once jumped into the fire, women will dance for seven days and nights without stop. Not only the Pa Then, that any man who can jump into the fire as long as the oracles were cozy and enter them a certain power.

The power of the gods will protect and guard them against being burned. Fire dance festival reaches the most fun when all the bystanders were entrained, natural feel strength and so on, jump into the fire without feeling the heat, Mr.Tai  explained.


(Spectacular fire dance festival is the pride of Pa Then people in Ha Giang)

Life after life, fire dance festival has become an indispensable tradition in the religious life of Pa Then ethnic minorities. It can be said, but also, bring color and mystical spirituality, but traditional fire dance festival of ethnic Pa Then that is a testament to the strength, the labor process, tame nature for their survival and development human development. This is not only a fun day of the village of Pa Then, not only meaningful community cohesion but also retain a lot of the traditional cultural values from generation to generation.

Festival of the Pa Then fire jumped Ha Giang is not only a spiritual activity but also embodies the spirit of ethnic minority people in Ha Giang as the Pa Then, the desire for good harvests, the live more prosperous, is an activity in the power of human uniqueness which all of us should be promoted and preserved.

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